Neighbourhood Planning

The Localism Act (2011) and the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations deliver the Coalition Government’s commitment to create the ‘Big Society’ and neighbourhood planning.

The Council has already made progress with a number of initiatives that will help to deliver localism and neighbourhood planning in the borough.

Advice and Guidance

We have produced a toolkit of advice and guidance to help local communities through the process of neighbourhood planning. These guidance notes are available to download below:

Locality has produced a neighbourhood plans roadmap guide, funded by the government.

Core Strategy

The Council's Core Strategy has defined a number of ‘places’ within the borough: our main town centres, strategic sites and areas of change. For each of these places we conducted urban design analysis to understand the issues and opportunities and set the scene for workshops to discuss the ideas of local residents and the local business community.

Neighbourhood Planning Team

The Council has set up a Neighbourhood Planning team which is taking forward area-based planning in the borough, as well as neighbourhood plans.  Currently the team are working on Notting Hill Gate SPD, Kensal SPD and the campaign for a Crossrail station on the site, reviewing our Conservation Area Proposal Statements and Town Centre Initiatives.

Neighbourhood Planning Projects

Assets of Community Value

Eligible local community interest groups can nominate property or land that furthers the social well being or social interests of the local community as an Asset of Community Value. If successful, the community will be given time to bid for that asset on the open market, if the current owner decides to sell. For further information see the Assets of Community Value page.


Page updated on 4 September 2013.